I'm a research fellow at the Department of Mathematics of Sapienza University of Rome. The core of my research lies in logic and in the foundations of mathematics. I’m particularly keen on using computability theoretic machinery to tackle problems coming from a wide range of fields, including philosophy, general mathematics, theoretical computer science, and linguistics.

Formerly, I was a postdoctoral fellow at Institute for Discrete Mathematics and Geometry of Vienna University of Technology (2016-2020) and an adjunct professor of logic within the Master in Language and Mind of University of Siena (2018-2021).

I obtained the Habilitation to be associate professor both in Mathematical Logic and Logic and Philosophy of Science from the Italian Ministry of Education.

Here's an up-to-date copy of my CV.

You can reach me at luca.sanmauro(at) You also find me on ResearchGate and Google Scholar.


  • I'm the winner of Paolo Gentilini Prize 2022, awarded by the Italian Association for Logic and Its Applications (AILA) to a young distinguished researcher in mathematical logic

  • The paper On the structure of computable reducibility on equivalence relations of natural numbers has been accepted for publication in Journal of Symbolic Logic

  • The paper Primitive recursive equivalence relations and their primitive recursive complexity has been accepted for publication in Computability